Stillness is a gift!

I learned that when I am being anxious about my future, it means:


  • I am not living in the moment, and in
    • I cannot live in the moment
  • I cannot appreciate the moment, thus
    • I have and cannot show gratitude for it

So, once I learned to calm my anxiety, I learned that the best way to truly be able to capture and feel gratitude is to learn to center myself and feel gratitude in the moment. 

By allowing myself to:

  • Pause
  • Breathe, and
  • Focus on the good things that have captured me today.

Stillness allows me to be mindful of my time and the value it should hold. It leads me to be able to clear my mind and gain clarity of things and circumstances, thus removing stress and allowing me to be thankful and demonstrate and show gratitude.

   Psalm 118:1

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever.”

A little note from J. Javelle:

Grace P.O.U.R. wants this to be a safe place for you to let your feelings out and gain the support you may want and need.

I started with me, I have exposed some of my deepest journal entries in my Be Still Moments for the whole world to see, all I ask of you is that you leave a comment, share your thoughts and give your feedback (Positivi-tea only)!

I’ve done the hard part, so I am inviting you to pour a little tea with me. I promise you by doing so you’ll, in turn, pour yourself a little grace!


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