Personalized Plan

1:1 support to create a personalized and strategic plan of how you can add the eight areas of self-care into your daily routine.

Accountability Partnership

Along with creating a specialized self-care routine, you will get accountability support from J. Javelle, to assure you’re pouring in all eight areas of grace and filling up your empty cup.


Group meetings, seminars, classes with speakers and professional connections.

Ask for help!

Why do I need Grace P.O.U.R.?

Do you feel like you are the only person giving in each and every relationship in your life?

Do you feel like you’re being pulled in a zillion different directions?

Do you feel like you are expected to have all the answers?

So, the best you can always be present!

So, you can fill your cup and have a balanced life.

So, you learn how to serve from your saucer, never allowing your cup to be empty again.

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