Past Events

Graceful Reading Book Club

“Thank you for following and listening to God in creating this book club.
I truly enjoyed the book and learning about God and all his wonders
through this allegory. 

Thank you for allowing me to put this video together as a reminder of
who we are and what we’ve become.”

~Daphne A.~




June 2022 Friendship Retreat

Helped women, young and seasoned, the dynamics of friendships and how to utilize them for social awareness and networking in continued partnership with A Motivating Love.




F.I.R.E. – Friends In Reach Everywhere

Living, learning, and edifying the fundamental groundwork of empowerment, friends, and support. 

Our KICKOFF event was on September 19, 2020 as a bi-monthly ​program series in
affiliation with ​
A Motivating Love.

Promise Devotional

To find out more about this devotional and how you can purchase a copy, click here!

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