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Our goal at A Motivating Love is to support women, especially mothers, helping them embrace their value, find their inner strength, and promote self-acceptance through ​educational and motivational events.

F.I.R.E. – Friends In Reach Everyday

Launching September 19, 2020 as a bi-monthly ​program series in
affiliation with ​A Motivating Love.

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Let’s create some magical tea moments.

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I’m God’s Masterpiece Network

Ms. Fredia Renee Washington is known by many of her colleagues, family and friends as a Master Motivator Coach, Purpose Pushing Principal, Spiritual Mentor, Woman of Faith, Visionary, Innovator and “God’s Masterpiece”!


Asa Healing Services, LLC

My name is Kesha and I am a Master reiki energy healer and I found reiki as a way to heal myself and my heart after years of being in toxic patterns. I also was made aware during my healing journey that the lack of accountability was a major factor to why I allowed myself to be in connections that didn’t honor my highest self. Energy Healing has been present as long as humans have existed.  It does not belong to one person.  It wasn’t founded by one person, but is an innate ability that lives within. Reiki is the connection to the heavenly light and to the Divine.


Knockout Services

Worried about missing out on deductions? Don’t stress! As a professional tax preparer, I’ll make sure you get every tax break you deserve.


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