What are you doing to calm your soul and schedule?

Is the Lord speaking to you about being still?

Have you prayed about ways to be still?

I have and three things have made all the difference for me and those things are:

  • Allowing God to quite my spirit
  • Making God part of my daily routine
  • Inviting God into my schedule

If you’re like me; things, people, and circumstances can easily aggravate and irritate my spirit/mood. So, I find that it is best for me to pray and ask the Lord to calm my heart, to help me develop a gentle and quiet spirit.

(1 Peter 3:4)

It’s not easy to prioritize Bible time.  There are so many demands of the day. If we look solely at our life’s demands and our schedules, we might think that Bible Time/Study is a nicety vs. a necessity. However, we need to realize that our personal, daily time with Christ is just as necessary work, paying bills, attending our kid’s basketball games, and other family functions.

I have found the new trend of “Planners” to be good for me not to mention fun. They help me to plan my day, stay on track, and accomplish more. The best part of using a planner is that it allows me to see if I have over-scheduled and/or allowed my schedule to become overloaded which I have also discovered that an overloaded schedule or to-do-list causes me anxiety and is upsetting to my spirit.

I have learned that if we’re feeling stressed out and are struggling to quiet our spirits or to find time to spend in Bible study and prayer, we need to take that next step of evaluating our schedules to see where we can free up some time and mental energy.

I’m still developing the habit of quieting my soul before the Lord.  But by praying for stillness, prioritizing my time with Him, and lightening my schedule enough to invite Him into it, I’m making progress.  To BE STILL is still not the easiest thing for me to do.

A little note from J. Javelle:

Grace P.O.U.R. wants this to be a safe place for you to let your feelings out and gain the support you may want and need.

I started with me, I have exposed some of my deepest journal entries in my Be Still Moments for the whole world to see, all I ask of you is that you leave a comment, share your thoughts and give your feedback (Positivi-tea only)!

I’ve done the hard part, so I am inviting you to pour a little tea with me. I promise you by doing so you’ll, in turn, pour yourself a little grace!


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